Frequently Asked Questions - Astro Match Prediction

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you predict the matches?

A. We predict the games by astrology, numerology calculations and also support it with tarot card readings. We have a panel of highly renowned astrologers providing you the best predictions.

Q2. Why do you charge for the predictions?

A. The predictions are charged solely for the astrology services. We put a lot of effort from our end to give the best possible prediction. Every prediction has a track record on the website. We are clear in our operations.

Q3. What are the charges for each prediction?

A. With effect from 1st July 2017, All predictions are priced at $25 or Rupees 1200 equivalent.

Q4. What if I purchase the prediction and the prediction is wrong?

A. The next prediction would be absolutely free of charge. We will make sure that you win. We only charge for correct prediction.

Q5. Does the prediction change during the game?

A. No the prediction, once given will remain the same throughout the game.

Q6. I will pay after the game. Please give me prediction on credit/ Please give trial prediction.

A. No, we follow a strict system in which we don't give prediction on credit or trial. Payment has to be done first, then the prediction is given.

Q7. What if the first prediction I buy itself is wrong?

A. Next Prediction is absolutely free. We will only charge for correct prediction.

Q8. When i make the payment, when and where will I get the prediction?

A. A customer can communicate to us via Mail, Facebook, Mobile Contact medium. We will give you the prediction via the same medium in which you have contacted us through or whichever preferable medium you desire.

Q9. I want tips for every game like expected score, best batsmen, best bowler etc, Please provide?

A. Sorry, it becomes very difficult to predict as analysis has to be done for each player and owners of the team also has to be taken into consideration. But we are doing extensive research on that area and would be up with those predictions too.

IMP: Please don't mistake us with tippers, we are not associated with any other website or tippers. Pure astrology predictions are given at the best price with best accuracy by Astro Match Prediction

Q10. Please give me payment details? How do i pay you?

For direct bank transfer.
Account Name: DAG Ventures
Account Type: Current Account
Account number: 643605050233
Branch: ICICI Bank, JUHU VILLAGE, Mumbai.
Skrill and Neteller Transfer ID:

Q11. What is so special about your site? Even I can predict games easily!

A. The games are predicted using astrology, we have a record of predicting underdogs/non favorite teams which go about and win. That is the power of astrology. The horoscope/numerology and tarot calculations of the captain/owner/coach/manager of both teams and the ground/venue are taken with respect to the time and BANG we have a super prediction!!!!